28 June 2012

This Just In! Shirtless Running Guy Captured on Phone Camera, Magnifying Glass Needed

OK!  So...the good news is I got pics of Shirtless Running Man!  Bad news is that Shirtless Running Man is FAST!  So by the time I focused and snapped, he was kind of far away.  Have no fear.  My quest is not over.  This is just the beginning.  I WILL get a better, closer shot of him.  I know he runs past the pharmacy that gives out scabies shots (Hand Sanitizer...It's Not Just for Flu Season Anymore! June 4, 2012).  Maybe I'll just park there for a while and bring along my camera with the good zoom lens.

Incidentally, two older gentlemen sitting at the table next to us at the coffee shop saw me taking my pictures and both said, "Who is that guy?!  He's always running!"  Dude's a celebrity!

And without further ado, here are the first ever pictures of the elusive Shirtless Running Man:
There he is, at 5 o'clock from the traffic light.

Right next to the box truck.

Aaaaand...now about 7 o'clock from the same light.
And the pursuit continues.  

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