19 July 2012

Caution: Too Much Caffeine May Lead to Distracted Ramblings About British Television

Coffee.  If there's one thing you could say I have an unhealthy addiction to, that would be it.  I prefer not to call it an addiction, but a very fond, very involved, love.  Lately, one pot of coffee in the morning is not cutting it for Jay and me.  Forget those crappy K-cup jobbers that give you one cup of weak, watery coffee at a time*.  We need two pots of the strongest dark roast the coffee market offers to get us through the morning.
I blame this partially on Jay's travel coffee mug, which he claims to have "Tardis Technology" (Jay's very own coinage).  For those of you who do not know the word "Tardis", allow me to explain.  First you must know it is in relation to the show Doctor Who.  Since I am not a fan of Doctor Who like the rest of my family, I'm depending on the good folks at Wikipedia to help me out in the definition department.  According to their description (roughly), the Tardis (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) is a time machine and spacecraft.  It looks like a Police Box and it's interior expands to much larger than it's exterior.  Here's a picture:

So now that we all know what a Tardis is, Jay thinks that his travel mug is much larger than it appears to be on the outside, just like a Tardis, and thus holding much more coffee than we expect.  Ahhh, the pleasures of living with a sci-fi geek. I'm thinking that some of his business trips are secretly trips to things like Comic-Con.  But back to the travel cup, it really is deceiving.  Here's a picture of it compared to our coffee pot and one of our regular coffee mugs:
Deceiving, no?  The Tardis Cup takes one and a half of my mugs to fill up.  Sneaky.
Since it takes much more coffee than expected for Jay to fill up in the morning, I'm left with not nearly enough coffee to get me through the day.  Thus, the second pot.  And I'm beginning to see the need to rethink this, due to those pesky heart palpitations I get on the days when too much coffee is involved.  The prices you pay for that little extra jolt in the morning!  I'm not sure which is worse:  going through the morning fuzzy-minded and let's face it, kind of grumpy; or my cardio system doing the cha-cha when it should be getting ready for some down time at night.  For the time, I'm choosing the coffee.  Maybe I can start weaning myself when I feel the strength to just say no.

Now.  Back to the whole Doctor Who thing, since it's on my mind.  This is Amy Pond:
She's a crafty one.
She is a character on the show and somebody that the male gender in my family is apparently very attracted to.  So as a joke, we gave our son this Amy Pond standee as a Christmas gift.  Only problem is that he didn't see the humor in said gift and thought instead that is was just plain creepy.  So now Amy hangs out in Jay's ersatz office and keeps him company when he's working from home.  Sometimes she appears out of nowhere when somebody in the house is feeling frisky and wants to scare the bejeezus out another unsuspecting family member. She can pop up next to a sleeping person's bed to greet them when they wake up in the morning, or be standing on the other side of the door to greet a certain person when they get home to what they believe is an empty house.  I'm not saying who the culprit is (#cough#anymaleinthishouse) nor the victim (hel-lo!), but I'm sure you can guess.  Let's just say that having the jitters from too much coffee do not help being surprised by Ms. Pond.

I'm thinking that I need to give some payback.  So, Jay....Alex....if you're reading this, beware.  You never know who's lurking around the corner.  Nor the hyper-caffeinated person behind her.

*I hope I have not offended any K-cup users.  I completely understand the allure of them and how they are perfect for many, many coffee drinkers, and respect your choice in using them.  I'm just an opinionated idiot when it comes to my personal caffeine consumption.  Another one of my many faults I'm working on.


  1. Ever since I saw the phrase "Tardis technology" on one of your postings, it has become a real part of my conversational vocabulary. Since both spouses are sci-fi geeks at our house, it is a well-appreciated turn of phrase!!

    1. Love it, Ruth! Jay will be so flattered!!

  2. Tardis technology at its best!