20 July 2012

The Saga of the Softball Season Slobette

I am renaming our daughter The Slobbette.  Kind of sounds like the name of a really bad diner, but it works.  Why?  So many reasons, but not just because of nail polish decorating the bathroom sink or the perpetual state of chaos which is her bedroom.  The main reason right now is softball season.  Each year, from the beginning of April until the middle of July, I get to deal with this after each and every practice and game:

Cleats kicked haphazardly wherever suits the mood, after clomping through the house, leaving a trail of dry (or muddy, depending on the weather) clots of dirt everywhere.  I especially like the creative placement here. 

And this:
Sliding pad is always on the back of the couch if it is not on her leg. 

And this:
Socks, always crumpled up in a ball (and inside-out which drives me insane at laundry time), and usually directly below the sliding pad.

And this:
The equipment.  By this time, its permanent home is the back of my car.  It makes loading the groceries a fun game of balance and placement every time.  Whoo.

If you have/had kids in any kind of sport, activity, etc., I know you can commiserate.  To my friends whose daughters play on the same teams as Janie, I know you're nodding fervently in agreement with my current grievances.  Happily, all things must come to an end.  Our end happens next week.  Until soccer season begins.  &^%*&#&$^ .

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