24 September 2012

Digging Around for the Upside to the End of Summer

Watch out.  I've been feeling all morose and crabby for the past couple of days, due mainly to the realization that the summer was filled with lots of great events and adventures (that's the name of a singles' matchmaking place, isn't it?), all of which were fantastic, but are now merely memories (I have to say the Gotye concert, which was the most recent thing, was stellar).  That, and the first day of autumn/last day of summer was this past weekend.  I know.  I sound all jaded and whatnot.  But seriously, as I described to a couple of friends today, I feel like a kid the day after Christmas.  It's just that anticlimactic situation that's inevitable when great things happen, and then the Happy Balloon deflates.  I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one this happens to.  And of course, this too shall pass.  Another summer is only a short nine months away.  I wish I was as ecstatic about the upcoming ski season as the rest of my family.  It will be fun, but I do sandy beaches and warm oceans better than snowy mountains, butt-freezing chairlifts, and snotcicles.

So, it's time to look forward to some new things.  Now that autumn is here, cooler temps are on the horizon.  It was 39°F when I woke up this morning (that's enough to make even the happiest of people crabby).  And these cooler temps can mean only one thing:  Shirtless Running Guy is going to start putting on some duds.  I got a text from a friend last week letting me know that he was wearing a...a...a...tank topAN ACTUAL SHIRT!  I saw him as well, though at first I thought he was a woman because: a) he was far away; and b) the shirt made him look a bit androgynous.  It was kind of loose and flowy, not super-tight-wife-beater-like.  Soon, on the really cold mornings, the running tights and gloves will appear.  Maybe I can get out of my doldrums by aiming to capture some new shots of his seasonal running apparel.  It will be the opposite of a strip tease.  The clothes go on rather than come off.

And the biggest, best thing to look forward to is the new puppy-girl we are in the process of adopting.  I just got news today that she will be transported up here from Arkansas in just under two weeks.  She is the sweetest thing, and we can't wait to meet her in person!  Here are a couple of pictures of her (you know there will be a bajillion more pics on this blog the minute she gets into my car in two weeks!):
C'mon...how can you not make a smunchie-munchie noise when looking at her?

Right now her rescue name is Jenna, but I'm pretty sure it will become Willa once she's at her new home with us.  I can't say enough about the woman who rescued her.  Her name is Kelley Prichard and she is the founder of Adopt-a-Stray Rescue down in Arkansas.  She has a heart of gold, and has done so much for so many animals whose lives would have otherwise been miserable if not non-existent.  If you are ever wanting to give a loving home to a rescue dog but need some direction on where to begin, here's a link to her Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/#!/adoptastray.rescue  She is how we found Pippet, too!

So just writing these few paragraphs of not outrageously exciting stuff has made things all warm and rosy again.  Amazing how that works.  Had a bad day?  Crabby and pissy like I was?  Write down a couple of things that make you happy.  It so works!  Bloggotherapy.


  1. Learning a new word 'snotcicles' made me happy! Thank you