07 April 2013

Who's Been Writing On My Calendar?

In our house, we all know that the calendar on our fridge is my domain.  My life source.  I am the chief writer and recorder of all upcoming events and obligations, and the only one who really uses it to check what's on the weekly docket.  I've even got fine-point Sharpies in every color imaginable to make such dull work tolerable (I just reread this sentence and realize now how sad my life sounds...and, at times, is).  That is, if they aren't dried up, or stolen from their "secret" hiding place.

I'm always befuddled by the fact that nobody else has the capacity to go straight to the calendar when enquiring about a date or time of a game/meet/appointment until I direct them to said organizational instrument.  Probably my fault for being up-to-date with the answers to every one's questions rather than answering with a vapid, "Dunno.  Go check the calendar."  Consequently, there is the drawback of me being the first-blamed if any game/meet/appointment is missed, if it happens to not be written down.

Sometimes Jay or one of the kids will write something down if it is of great importance to them, usually without letting me know about the event (unless it's a birthday or other deal, where I'm expected to deliver in a big way).  Today I noticed such a thing, though I don't think anything is expected of me...hopefully.  It was this, written in Green Sharpie:

First:  I didn't have my bulgy-eyed-look-inducing readers on, so I couldn't quite make out what these apparent hieroglyphs meant.  I could decipher that Janie's name was involved, but what evidently was a time looked to me like a chef's hat or sideways muffin.  Seriously.  My eyes are that bad.  What I did know was that this was Jay's writing.  What I didn't know was why he was writing down that Janie was doing some sort of cooking thing on Thursday.  And since when did he start getting creative and using rebuses to get his message out there?  I finally realized what it meant after rooting around the kitchen for ten minutes, looking for my readers. 

As I write, I don't really know what my point of this post is today, other than sometimes the littlest things can throw you off and ultimately give you a good chortle (love that word, chortle).  And I'm still not sure what Janie is supposed to be doing on Thursday at 6:30.  Here's hoping you have a good week, and get to where you need to be without too many mysteries.

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