24 August 2012

That's a Wrap.

I vow as of today not to buy any potted plants other than cacti for my decks and porches.

Day 1.

Day 2.

Day 3.

I'm not being defeatist (as the Dowager Countess of Grantham would say, "It's so middle class."), but let's face it:  the pictures say it all.

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  1. Ok joanne, in your defense didn't you say you got this at the grocery store?? My experience with those is that they are, eant for consumption and not necessarily growth(many a wilte counter top basil can attest) i shouls share my pic of the jade i got from my mom, she found it abandoned but thriving at her mailbox area and i have proceeded to kill it slowly with my care! I look forward to the spring pics of the plastic flowers, i hear they are cheap at the dolar store