08 August 2012

Three Words: Shirtless Running Guy.

OmigodOmigodOmigodOmigod!!!!!  You know, sometimes the best things can happen from the worst situations.  Take this morning, for example.  I was supposed to pick up Janie, our daughter, from a sleepover at 8:30 AM (an unheard of hour for a teenager, mind you) so that she could head out to a water park first thing with a friend.  She promised me that she would be ready to go when I showed up.  You can imagine my utter shock (yeah, right) when I pulled into the driveway, no daughter to be found.  I called and texted her cell six or seven times, no answer.  The parents of the house had already left for work, so no dice there.  I banged on the door, nothing.  These were some seriously heavy sleepers I was dealing with.  Just short of throwing rocks at all the windows, I got in my car and drove away, trying to figure out what I would say to the mom who was supposed to be picking Janie up in a half hour.  Just as I drove away, the daughter calls.  Poor, sleep-deprived urchin could not get a word in edgewise, as I went into full-on yelling lecture mode about being a responsible person and following through with promises.

All that done, I picked her up and on the way home, guess who we see.  Yup.  SHIRTLESS RUNNING GUY.  In a frenzy I tried to grab my phone and get it into camera mode, but I was still all pissy and flustered, so I missed him.  I was not going to let that ruin my chances.  I blew home, dropped Janie off, told her to get ready and blew back out to the celebrated running route.  And there he was.  Oh, the beauty of it all.  I gleefully took shot after shot, giggling maniacally.  So yes, our daughter caused all kinds of inconvenience for me this morning, but she also induced the best photo ops of SRG so far.  As that crafty guy Shakespeare said, All's Well That Ends Well.

And so, here he is, in my best snaps yet, Shirtless Running Guy.
Wait...what's that up ahead?  Could it BE?

Yes!  It is!  I'd know that tan anywhere!

And those shorts!  They're like old friends to me!

Hello, Shirtless Running Guy!  Long time, no see!

I even turned around to get a front shot.  Pretty sure dude knows I'm nuts.


  1. Success! It was meant to be! A twisted turn of fate! Is it okay to say he looks fit??

    1. Indeed, he does! Perhaps part of my bane is that he has the perseverance that I lack!

  2. Thank you for that joanne, made my day!

    1. Nothing's better than hearing those words! Glad it made your day!