09 May 2012

Bathroom Talk, Brought on by the...Bathroom

Sweet Lincoln's Mullet, I am done painting my bathroom!  Jay has happily pointed out all of the drip marks and reiterated that I should have used a roller rather than a brush, but I don't care.  I AM DONE! 

Which brought about today's activities:  Installing bathroom fixtures, i.e. towel bars, t.p. holders, etc.  I think I might hate that job more than I despise the painting itself.  And it makes me talk like a truck driver.  I think I even offended the dogs.  I swear I saw a look of  disgust on Pippet's face when I glanced over at her after venting to myself and the universe, upon discovering that I had incorrectly measured one side of the towel bar 1/2" off from the other side.  Only after drilling the holes.  And installing the damned bar.  I think I need some Orbit gum.  It would be kind of funny to see Pippet hand me some with her fuzzy black paws and then give me a slap in the face.  Heh.

But I digress.  The thing that ticks me off  the most, and thus the nearly constant stream of obscenities, is how many tools it takes for something that looks so simple. 
This many tools...

for this.
Glad I got that off my chest.  I'm about to go install a shade on the window.  Block your ears.

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