02 May 2012

Is It What's on the Inside, on the Outside, or Both?

There's always talk about who keeps what inside their refrigerators.  From celebrities to famous chefs, there's apparently a need by the masses to know these things.  Well, how about what they keep on the outside of their fridges?  Are they spotless with nary a magnet?  Or is the color/material of their fridge uncertain due to the junk stockpiled on every magnetic square inch?  If you looked at the fridge that is mere feet away from me as I type this, you'd know I'd be classified as a stockpiler.  No matter how neat and orderly I get our house, the fridge pretty much always looks like this:
It gets this way because this is the central nervous system of our house.  If you're looking for something important, chances are it is either on, atop, or in the vicinity of the fridge.  Concert tickets?  Stick 'em on the fridge.  School field trip info?  Stick it on the fridge.  Information from the driver whose school bus you attacked with your front fender?  Stick it on the fridge.  Hey--it's a pretty good instance of a multi-tasking appliance, second only to the dishwasher that doubles as a salmon steamer (which unnervingly is something that has always intrigued me--watch out if I invite you to dinner).

The one thing I don't have on there that I need are those little magnetic poetry kits you use to construct jocular witticisms.  All those clever and savvy types have them.  I'm thinking my family's witticisms would not be on a clever and savvy level, never mind jocular.  I wonder if there is a version with potty mouth words.  That would be more fitting.  I'll put it on my list along with vacuum bags.

So you're either:   1) Looking at at this picture, nodding in solidarity; 2) Writhing on the floor in an epileptic fit from such chaos; 3) Thinking this is a pointless blog.  It's all good, except for the writhing fit--I hope it's not that bad for you.  I like our messy fridge.  It reminds me of how crazy and colorful life can be.


  1. Love it...but then that is because I relate to point number one!!! Imagine we are only two people here and it still a bulletin board?

  2. Haha, as much as i try to create other command centers around the house(wipe board calendar with color coded markers, wicker organizer for school notices) it still comes back to the fridge! What you really need to investigate for us is the magnets themselves-they are not all created equally, and how many layers of chaos exists on said fridge. I pity those of the non-magnetic material! Thanks for the fun post joanne!

    1. I like the "layers" query! There can be multiple layers on our fridge by the end of the school year!

  3. My fridge is fake steel so not much sticks to it unless it's the side. So I bought this huge Pottery Barn organizer system. Which I used for a bunch of months until we all we got smart phones and summer vacation came and I didn't have to plan 3 kids schedules... plus I started working days and the husband started doing all that...