31 May 2012

Update: Jay's Music Preferences Cleared Up by None Other

Jay was very quick to clear up any question there was regarding his supposed affinity to boy band music.  Here is his response, probably written the minute he read my previous post (I did a little clean-up editing of all iPhone typos.  I call it wifely artistic license):

"Sorry to disappoint everyone but I was not listening to One Direction, (oh sure they're cute, but the music, yuk! ). What I was listening to was "Game of Thrones" Book 3, which may not be much better. "I hate that Jeffrey!". When the phone disconnects it reverts to the previous auxiliary, which is the stuff our daughter forces us to suffer through. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it."

So that's that.  I don't get the Jeffrey thing...must be an inside joke for all you Game of Thrones addicts/geeks out there.  And if you're a One Direction fan, please forgive our callous lack of consideration.  And maybe find some new music!

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