11 April 2012

But the Bag Says "Heart Healthy"!

So this just happened in about thirty seconds while I was hanging out writing a new post:

Enough sodium just consumed to equal a deer salt lick.
It looks harmless enough, but I think that'll do it for me in the "fats, nuts & oils" part of my daily food pyramid.  Throw sodium in there, too.  I've got the guilt thing going because I'm trying to eat healthier and also work on better eating habits.  Like not eating at places like in front of the computer.  The sad thing is, I really had no need for these, but threw a bag in my basket while I was by the registers at the grocery store.  I'm a marketer's wet dream.  Crap. 
And now I don't even remember eating them, because my brain was floating "out there," lost in thought.  Double crap. 


  1. Could have been far worse...could have been fried onion rings or a hot fudge sundae!

  2. Do not feel guilty! They ARE healthy! Plus, they could've been Cadbury mini-eggs...

  3. You both have made me feel much better about that indiscretion! True friends.