27 April 2012

Coming Clean

Today was floor-washing day in our house.  After a week or two (or three or four, who's counting?) of dirty cleats, track shoes, and hiking boots and eight muddy paws traveling through the house, it was beyond necessary.  I was thinking I might be able to grow radishes and carrots on the kitchen floor if I installed a couple of fluorescent light bulbs. 
Which leads me to my question of the day:  Why is the filthy water that's left in the bucket after a big cleaning job so fascinating to stare at and make the "iiiiiihh" noise?  I'll admit it.  I love to check out the water after I wash our floors because it is so freaking disgusting.  Am I the only one who can become thoroughly engrossed with something as nasty as this?  I'm really hoping not
Once again, I blame my crazy neat-freak mother for this bizarre fixation.  Growing up with three sisters, I'm sure they can all attest to the following:  After washing her kitchen floors our mother would stand with one hand on her hip, which would be jutting off to the side while she rested her other hand on the kitchen counter.  Then she would exclaim accusingly while we stood there, "Look at how dirty this water is!"  As if it was all our fault.  Never mind that our father was always outside in his garden, puttering about and tracking dirt in.  Or that we always had cats, dogs, and various other vermin that we had rescued (from the clutches of said cats) milling around.  And so we got to check out the grossness.  And so that is what I now do as a grown woman.

Sorry, but I have to do this:
"Just LOOK at it!"

And now, upon looking at the above illustration of filth,  you can feel happy in the fact that your house does not produce this, or if it does, you're certainly not the only one!  Happy Friday!


  1. I get a similar thrill checking out the debris brought together by a good thorough sweep-anything from cereal we haven't bought for awhile to spiders scampering away. Uh oh, have i shared too much?

  2. If I can show a picture of dirty floor water, you most certainly can mention errant cereal and rogue spiders! I think our thrills come partly from a sense of accomplishment for accumulating such large quantities of dirt for removal!

  3. Am I the only one who can become thoroughly engrossed with something as nasty as this?

    Yes. ;-)