23 April 2012

Cold and Rainy Monday Mornings are Pure Evil

I woke up cranky.  And here's why:

Week after week, here in our little northeast corner of the US, we have been graced with the most amazing weather.  Ever.  More like late June than early to mid April.  And then yesterday happened, and all of that went away far too quickly for any one's liking.  Unless you're my husband, who still is holding out for more snow so he can get one last weekend of skiing in.  Dummy.  Anyway, you go to bed Saturday night thinking summery thoughts, and wake up Sunday morning ready to pull out every last bit of wool and Polartec you own because your teeth can't stop chattering from the cold.  How the hell does that happen?
I was in our local pharmacy this morning and walked by the bottles of Hawaiian Tropic Deep Tanning Oil on display.  They were smugly ridiculing me.  I could hear their nasty, little screechy voices taunting, "Base tan?  Dream on!  Say goodbye to what you've got, cuz it'll be all gone by next weekend, loser!  Pale and pasty FOREVER!"
I ran away and found myself in front of a sign that always makes me laugh.  I keep a picture of it on file just for this kind of occasion:

I wonder if every town has a sign made for this section in their local pharmacy, or is it just ours?  Makes me ponder about where I live.  Maybe we have lots of witches and ogres living in the more secluded sections.

So, even though it is cold, dank, rainy, and gross outside and summer is back out of reach for the moment,  there are still bits of oddness out there that can make us smile.  If you woke up cranky this morning like me, here's hoping you find your very own warts and lice to make you smile.


  1. Warts and lice...how special...with their very own sign! I must check to see if we live in a wart and lice zone!

  2. I remember when you first posted this pic and I laughed out loud and then walked into CVS ... and saw the same thing. I still laugh each time I walk by it!

  3. Witches and ogres and talking lotion bottles! Too funny joanne

  4. I love the "warts & lice" sign. I wish I had one to hang on my door when I want to be left alone! Glad I made some smiles today!