17 April 2012

Haphazard Observations

Things I have realized in the past week:

  • Bob's Red Mill Meusli is the best food on the planet.  I can pretend I'm eating healthy while actually just picking out all the bits of dates and raisins before going back to the good-for-you seeds & grains.
  • You can easily gouge the surface of your eye with the softest of eyeliners.  Usually the result of rushing to apply while at the same time finishing hair, squawking at the kids to let the dogs out, and cleaning up the bathroom.  
  • Blackberries remind me of the abdomens of black carpenter ants.  And now that I've put it down in writing, that will surely forever be the case.  No way I'm going to stop eating them though.  The berries, not the ants.
Am I right?

  • Applying different samples of new hues of paint to a wall will increase the time it takes to get that room painted a million-fold.  I'm beginning to wonder if I can start a new decorating trend of color-blocked walls and just ditch painting my bedroom.
  • The elastics from my son's braces have the capacity to reproduce all over my floors, tables and countertops like rabbits.
  • If you water houseplants regularly, they'll actually thrive.  I have three (!) plants that have stayed alive in my house since last November.  I think this may be a record.  I'm trying for a full year of keeping them green and healthy rather than brown and, well, dead.  That may be a stretch.
  • Is there really a need for "jumbo" sized eggs?
  • The combination of a hot shower, pajamas still warm from the dryer, and fresh flannel sheets on the bed on a chilly night are better than any sleeping pill on the market.


  1. I will never eat blackberries again!

  2. With blackberries back in the markets at good prices, we've had them in the house constantly, giving me lots of time to contemplate this. Hope you can eventually erase the vision from your mind!