24 April 2012

Holy Tiny Tubes of Toothpaste, Batman!

Yesterday afternoon I skirted disaster by discovering that I had left the gas running unlit on my stove, eventually smelling the funky fumes that had accumulated in the kitchen for about 20 minutes.  That could have led to some bad s**t going down.

That flipped a switch in my brain, telling me I best get a little more in touch with my inner Keeper of the House.  In my convoluted pattern of thought, I figured I should do a little karmic work and pay back the gas gods for not blowing up our house.  How better to do this than to do something nice for someone else?  I chose Jay, my husband and usual target/victim.  I went to work on cleaning out the front pockets of the suitcase he uses for work travel.

Amazing what curiosities you can find when performing these kinds of tasks.  Amid the half-used packages of cold medicine, abundant boarding passes from what looked like the early 90's, and little cocktail swords (who knew those would be allowed through airport security?), was this gem:
Finding this led me to either of two conclusions:
  • Jay has a doll house hobby that I am completely unaware of
  • a toothpaste manufacturer in Japan is going way overboard in trying to impress the TSA with their tiny packaging  
Or maybe I just live such a sheltered life that I don't know that this is standard travel size for tubes of toothpaste.  I was too tired to bother to ask him by the time he got home from work, so the answer remains a mystery.

And this is the fascinating adventure leaving the gas on can bring you, as well, if you so desire.


  1. I have done that...that's why they built in that stench...but no adventures/revelations occurred. I feel slighted! My dolls think that toothpaste is very cool. They regret they they don't have teeth. Very funny stuff!!

  2. On the good side for your dolls--no dentist!