28 April 2012

Urgent-ish Warts and Lice Update!

I think the Warts & Lice sign may have gone missing.  I was at the pharmacy and it was not there.  I was so shocked I took a picture (for a change).  It's not very good because I had to hide behind a display out of the line of vision of the pharmacist.  I didn't want him to think I was crazy or anything, taking pictures of him and Band-Aids.

Here's the quandry:  I'm not entirely sure I was in the correct location of this certain line of stores.  There are two separate stores equidistant from my house and my middle-age-addled brain could not remember where I took the original photo.  So, this could just be the wrong store.  BUT, if that's the case, then my question inquiring about all the stores having Warts & Lice signage is answered with a resounding no.  Still, I'm hoping somebody scoffed it because they thought it was as great as I do.  Not that I condone stealing or the like.


  1. The Imperfectionist speaks...and drugstore chains listen! Poof! Gone!

  2. Haha! Can you imagine? The pen is mightier than the sword!