02 April 2012

Hobieland Nightmare

Here is my Super-Big Beef going on right now.  My husband's Stack O' Hobies.  I would burn them but I think burning fiberglass has to be horrible for the environment, if it does in fact burn at all.  The topper is the blue tarpaulin lazily hanging over the neighbors' fence as backdrop.  New to you, but not to me:  I despise tarps...especially those bright blue ones that show how totally out of place they are in natural settings.  This is our little corner of Clampett-Meets-Sanford & Son heaven.


  1. I say graffiti them up! May as well get the full effect going. Red, bright yellow spray paint. Go Keith Haring on those babies!

  2. OMG, such a great idea! Maybe I can display them vertically with the masts sticking straight out...perhaps a bit phallic, but Clampett THIS!